How we can help

Losing your sight is one of the scariest things which can happen.

But you aren't alone; we have years of experience in helping people adapt, so that when your sight changes your life doesn't have to.

Practical help

We see every person as an individual and make sure we provide a range of help for all different ages and cirumstances.

Whether you want help in learning how to use a computer, choosing equipment, a chat or help with your shopping, we'll be there.

Family & emotional support

If you feel in need of a friendly ear, we are at the end of the phone to give advice or just for a chat.

Losing your sight can be tough on family members too, so we provide guidance on what to expect and how you can help.


Getting out and about is really important to maintain your confidence.

In addition to our active social centre, we organise regular trips out around the region which are always well attended.